Did you know nutrient needs during the postpartum period are higher, especially if you are breastfeeding?! Every family can benefit from a meal delivery service in the early postpartum days. I specialize in providing freezer direct to crockpot (or oven) meals to ensure you can always have a healthy, home cooked meal with minimal to no effort. Clients can choose to have meal delivery and bone broth delivery, or choose only one or the other. Bone broth is one of the most healing and nourishing foods you can have in the postpartum period. It supports tissue healing, replenishes the loss of bone density pregnancy can cause, and gives your body and immune system a much needed boost!

** Birth doula clients will receive 10% off of meal delivery services

Meal Delivery

Choose to have 7, 15, or 30 pre-made direct freezer to crockpot (or oven) meals from my current menu. Meals can accommodate special diets such as vegetarian, dairy free, ect. I will purchase all ingredients, make in my home, and deliver frozen to your home. Menu to be provided upon request, as menu changes with the seasons.

– 7 meals : $250

– 15 meals : $450

– 30 meals : $650

Bone Broth Delivery

– 16 servings (4 quarts) : $60

– 32 servings (8 quarts) : $90