Placenta encapsulation is the process of turning your placenta into capsules for consumption. 

There are two methods, the Raw Method, and the Traditional Chinese Method (TCM). I am happy to perform either method and discuss which option may be best for you a time of inquiry. 

Benefits of consuming your placenta :

– Increases milk supply

– Reduces risk of PPD / PPA

– Assists in hormone balancing 

– Restores iron levels

– Promotes quicker healing 

Placenta Encapsulation Package #1 : $225

– Pick up placenta / drop off capsules

– Umbilical cord keepsake 

– Instructions for consumption 

Placenta Encapsulation Package #2 : $265

– Everything listed in package #1 as well as a placenta tincture, placenta salve, and placenta print

Add ons, can be reserved separately from full encapsulation services if you choose not to consume your placenta, but still wish to honor it. 

– Placenta tincture $30

– Placenta salve $30

– Cord keepsake $30

– Placenta print $30

– Placenta crystal necklace $45